Amaro bar

Elegant, unique and refined: with these words we can perfectly describe our Amaro Bar, the first one in Europe and a real boundary of worldwide beverage.

We have chosen stucco, wallpaper and velvet to decorate this environment, reproducing the French taste of aristocracy venues of the early ‘800.

Our offer consists of more than 500 Italian product labels: from the most resonant brands to very small productions of our territory, finally enhanced.

Through the use of fine ingredients, the skill in blending them, the service in crystal glasses and hand-cut ice, we strive for perfection in every cocktail.

Each Amaro has a different texture and composition: we range from bright citrus to floral, from tonic to mentholated, from fruity to medicinal. To accompany cocktails, a specially designed menu dedicated to those who want to stay with us for dinner.