The most genuine soul of Il Marchese resides in its Osteria.

The typical dishes of the Roman tradition are cooked under the eyes of customers and revisited in a modern way to offer a simple but innovative menu. Do not miss the Carbonara del Marchese and its Scarpetta, served with the iconic Rosetta Romana.

Not chefs but Cooks in our kitchen, to return to the roots when cooking was not a trend but a passion that needs self-denial.

To support the cooks, a Pastaia preparing handmade pasta, just in front customers and just as it was in the past when the time spent in preparation was a value and a guarantee of quality.

Finally, to enrich this context, the reproduction of an old-style market with excellent, selected and zero-kilometer products, flowers and earthenware pots, the same ones that are served to customers.


The menùThe menù

The cook

Daniele Roppo leads the Il Marchese brigade.

Genuineness and tradition meet in the body of a rugby-player with a passion for traditional Roman cuisine since he was four, thanks to his maternal grandmother’s influence. Growing up, he was hardly influenced by the guidance of professionals such as Arcangelo Dandini, Marco Martini and Stephane Betmon.

“We live in a historical moment where cooking is a “fashionable” phenomenon and it is easy for everyone to feel critical or even a chef. Actually, at the base of this world made of flavours, hazards and creativity there is so much study, dedication and sacrifice because the kitchen is not only love, but also knowledge, apprenticeship and organization.

In my vision, future is to go back to the past, to the traditions, to the homemade pasta on Sunday mornings, to the Cook more than the chef. So, Il Marchese is a simple place where to rediscover the relaxed atmosphere of home. An Osteria where you can taste the tradition and eat well.”